Spectra Cine Products


Film / Video     Theater / Display  
Spectra Cine products for film, video and film laboratory application.  

Spectra CineSpot products for theater  screen brightness, uniformity and display measurement application.

Industrial     Diagnostic Imaging  
Spectra VisiLight products consists of advanced portable, hand-held illuminance photometer and luminance spotmeter system.   Spectra Candela PhoRad products   for NDT/QA application. Exclusively designed for Radiologist and Radiographers
Tools of the trade     Accessories  

Spectra Light meter and   Kish Directors View finder Combo must for any professional Cinematographers / Director.

  Spectra Cine Accessories.
Traffic Safety        

Spectra Traffic Safety-TS products  measure luminous intensity and light output degradation of LED traffic signal modules.