Judged By The Company They Keep

Spectra is the choice of professionals for over 50 years. Spectra meters have helped to capture the moving image for motion picture and video. We will try to update this section as frequently as possible in order to include some of the Cinematographers and lighting designers who use Spectra products.

George Spiro Dibie, ASC National President of ICG

Michael Ballhous, ASC


Bert Dunk CSC, ASC.


Wayne Kennan


Janusz Kaminski


Vilmos Zsigmond , ASC



Janusz Sikora





Michael Ballhous

"Outbreak" Captured on Film by Michael Ballhous, ASC, who is one of the top Cinematographers in the World as seen on the cover of the International Photographer Magazine with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo. Cinematographer Michael Ballhous is photographed here taking a light reading with the Award Winning Spectra Professional IV Exposure Meter. The Spectra meter was used extensively throughout the filming of the movie.

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