Spectra Cine Film and Video Products

Spectra  Professional IV-A  
Academy & Engineering EMMY Award Winning Technology - Exposure Meter for Film & Video


SPECTRA Spotmeter System
The Spectra One degree PhotoSpot is a unique optical accessory that converts your Spectra Professional IV-A into a high-sensitivity one degree spotmeter.



The Spectra® Film Gate Photometer II
Providing a means for precisely checking and controlling the color balance and exposure level of optical printers in laboratories.




Spectra Viewing Filters permit visual judging and interpretation of a scene by compressing the scene’s brightness contrast-range to that of the film or video.


Spectra Professional - P251 Exposure meter
The Spectra "Classic" Professional exposure meter is celebrating its 52nd anniversary. Over 150,000 units have been manufactured over the past five decades.



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