One of the quality products from Kish Optics is the Standard Directors Finder. The SDF is small - 2.25" enough to keep in your pocket and light enough - 4 oz. to comfortably wear around your neck. It also has built-in interchangeable aspect ratios. There is no need to change masks, it is just a turn of the front ring.

  • Choose the aspect ratio you will be using (for example 1.33 - TV, 1.66, 1.78 (HDTV), 1.85, 2.35 and adjust the front ring accordingly.
  • Look through the finder and compose your scene by adjusting the zoom.
  • When you are satisfied, look at the engraved settings (for example 2/3" video, 16, 35, and Anamorphic).
  • The number matched to the format you are using will be the focal length of the lens you will want to use.
  • You can preview the angular or scene coverage you can achieve with the various focal lengths.
  • Choose the lens focal length you wish to test and match up with the film format you are using by adjusting the zoom.
  • Look through the finder and examine the angular and scene coverage


    In todays' motion picture environment of multiple formats. The Kish PDF, personal director's viewfinder, is a convenient and indispensible tool for creating and pre-planning shot.

    Small and lightweight, the Kish PDF features superior quality optics and a convenient "click stop" adjustable ring for most popular aspect ratios; including Academy, TV, 1.66, HDTV, 1.85, Wide Screen and 2.4 anamorphic.

    Weighing in at only 8.5 ounces (250 grams) and measuring a modest 3.85 inches (98mm), the PDF is shipped in a soft lens pouch and comes with an attractive silvertone herringbone neck chain.